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Founded in 1913, Spaeth, Inc. is one of Oklahoma's oldest and most trusted commercial HVAC contractors. We are excited to be representing one of the newest and most innovative systems on the market today! Whether for your home or business The Perfectly Green Smart FROG air conditioning system is one of the most efficient conventional split-systems available. The Smart FROG when combined with the appropriate indoor unit will provide up to 5-tons of cooling at up to 23 SEER!!!! With 2 sizes available with true variable speed technology the Smart FROG A/C system will fit almost any situation. But wait there is MORE!!

What's even better than 23 SEER?

The Smart FROG is the first condensing unit to be truly solar ready. It has a built in solar inverter and is plug and play ready with almost any solar panel available. The Smart FROG has a patented Blending Module that allows the system to operate off of both solar and grid power at the same time. So no matter what time of day or how much sun makes it to your panels you will always be getting the maximum efficiency possible from your system. With solar panels providing 90% of the power that is the equivalent of operating at a 230 SEER rating!!!! The Smart FROG AC system also comes available with an optional built-in generator that can provide power to your AC system in the event of a power outage. Contact Spaeth, Inc. for an estimate on installing a Smart Frog AC system in your home or business today!!


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