Carlson Mobility -- Action Trackchair distributor

Carlson Mobility -- Action Trackchair distributor
Georgetown TX
Booth:: 2052; 2054

Company Description:

Carlson Mobility is an authorized Distributor of the Action Trackchair, the most prominent all-terrain tracked wheelchair on the market. We have been in business since 2009, and enjoy welcoming our customers to the Trackchair family! The Action Trackchair and Action Trackstander allow the user to traverse uneven terrain like mud, sand, tall grasses, rocks, snow, ice, and low-water crossings! Get back outdoors in your customized Trackchair. Enjoy your gardens, visit a hiking trail, spend time on your property, and MUCH MORE!!

Show Specials:

Any order placed within 6 months of the OKC H&G Show (for a Trackchair or Trackstander) that mentions seeing us at the show will receive 20% off all additions, accessories, upgrades or modifications.

New Products

STS Suspension Model - a beautiful ride with suspension within the tracks. Climb logs, rocks, hills ... with reduced jarring thanks to the suspension system!

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