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Versa Lift by Byers

Versa Lift by Byers
Booth:: 2404

Company Description:

VERSA LIFT is the answer to all your garage and home storage woes.
With just a push of the button you can send loads up 200 pounds up to the attic or second floor. Load after load Versa Lift saves your back while providing unparalleled access to all that extra room upstairs.

Our unique VERSA RAIL provides safety and convenience while climbing your fold-down attic ladder into the attic. With VERSA RAIL you have a safety to hold onto when climbing up or back down from the attic. It also helps prevent falls because it provides a safety bump-railing while you are up in the attic to avoid accidentally stepping into the ladder opening.

Show Specials:

Show Specials are available. Please stop by Booth 512 to learn more.

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